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She might even become your closest advisor ever!

This world needs Hairmod

Beauty can not be defined in mass conception.

It is applied for each and everyone of us, differently.

Redefining uniqueness in beauty, we are creating an expert, an assistant on your demand, for your ultimate personalised beauty experience.


Out of thousands of companies and beauty experts with different agendas,

who do we trust?

Our beauty concerns can only be solved by the ones who truly understands what we need. Someone who is there with us every second of the day.



A penny for your thoughts Hairmod? Is it somebody who values our well-being in every situation?  Either it's about a beauty product that matches our skin type, an appointment from

our soon-to-be favorite salon or the makeup look that glorifies our best features,

a smart, genuine assistant who always takes our side is what we need!



Uniqueness in Beauty 

Your Assistant.

Your Concerns.

She focuses solely on your beauty concerns. Offering genuine solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

Scan or search beauty products and instantly find out if they're a good match for you.

Every beauty product is rated depending on its compatibility to your skin, your preferences and your concerns.

Your Budget.

Search or scan beauty product and Maya will bring multiple price alternatives from your favorite beauty shops, making sure you know your options

Maya is your gateway for personalized beauty assistant. Chat and Maya will be more than happy to assist you with personalized beauty advice.

Your Products.


How It Works


maya is a 

Personalized Beauty Assistant who understands your unique taste and preferences by using algorithms and AI. She will ask questions to know you better and offer her best matching recommendations, beauty tips, service providers and products

the expert

Your personal beauty assistant has been developed by experts in their fields tuned in to offer solutions for your individual beauty concerns and your well-being. It is a project that constantly evaluates itself to deliver the most efficient up-to-date answers.

wherever you need it

Hairmod is not just an app. You can reach its life saving assistant anywhere. Ask Maya anything you need from all channels like the website, facebook messenger, apple store, and google play

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Luchthavenweg 81, 5657EA Eindhoven

The Netherlands

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