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3x beauty and personal care sales 



with MLabler-Ingredient Analyzer

Boost your category sales and user retention


Want to turn one of every six visitors into customers or have a 67% retention rate after 8 weeks of first visit? Maya can do that for you.


Maya offers tools to enhance conversion and loyalty in E-commerce. Both these metrics can easily improve by personalization obviously. Maya can badge/label every beauty product by users beauty concerns and preferences (such as skin type, allergies, animal-rights, unhealthy ingredients, etc) or a more personal approach such as giving personal rating to every beauty product.

eCommerce Services


MLabler-Ingredient Analyzer

  • Show 20+ New badges for each beauty product (Vegan, Organic, Glowing Effect, Anti-Aging, Wound healing, Acne, Good for Dry skin, etc.)

  • Create new filters for beauty products (UV, Anti-aging, Egzama safe, Animal cruelty free, etc)

  • Cleanness score for each beauty product 

MLabler is a powerful tool to boost your sales by creating new labels for beauty products. Some of these labels can be used as powerful filters for your visitors.  Over 20.000 Ingredients are analyzed to create new filters, badges and cleanness score for each beauty product.


Personal Rating: The ultimate personalization tool 

  • Understand your customers deeply

  • Create dynamic unique personal rating for every beauty product

  • Offer perfect matching products to your customers


We deeply learn about your user’s physical attributes, taste, beauty concerns and preferences. Our state of art algorithm creates unique personal compatibility rating for every beauty products ingredient cross referencing to users attributes on demendffers the best matching product to your visitor with compatibility rating* and gives great insight about the specific product



Users can reach and interact with 

Maya on multiple platforms

such as Physical retail stores, Messenger, iMessage, 

Website, WhatsApp, mobile apps 

and any AI personal assistant 

(SIRI, ALEXA, Google Assistant, etc).

Retail Services


Retail solutions

Customer behavior has been dramatically changed with the COVID-19 breakout. We offer safety and great customer journey


Minimum contact to the customer

Minimum in-store workforce

Fast service for the customer

Highly scalable


Great inside about your visitors


Functionalities including:

Maya Assistance

MLabler-Ingredient Analyzer

Personal Rating


Additional functionalities:

Facial Recognition

Skin Analyzer

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