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Your personal beauty assistant.

Maya will be in the App Store soon!

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As an early bird, you'll get 2 months for free on your yearly subscription.

Gladly noted.

Maya's subscription fee will be £3.99/month.

Scan beauty products, save money and get beauty routines. 

With maya, you can

Scan Products

When you are in your favorite beauty shop, scan any product and Maya will deliver you a compatibility rating and price comparison by knowing your preferences (skin type, allergies, unwanted or hazardous ingredients, etc.)


According to your preferences, Maya offers you personalized beauty routines.

Follow these routines and achieve your beauty goals.


Save Money

Get an online price comparison (such as,,, etc.) from Maya for every product. Discover the best price and find the best deals on your favourite products.

Save up to £50* per month!

*according to average monthly beauty expenditure

Get Routines


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Over 100.000 Beta Users

I want to get the first 2 months for free:)

Gladly noted

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